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The Honolulu Festival Foundation have decided that “the Nagaoka Fireworks Show” scheduled for the evening of March 8 over Waikiki Beach, to be canceled as the finale event of 26th annual Honolulu Festival. .

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『Sake & Food Fest』 to be held during the 26th Honolulu Festival!

A long-awaited Sake & Food Fest will take place in Hawaii Convention Center on March 7 (Sat.) and 8 (Sun.). Japanese sake, which refers to not only rice wine but also shochu and awamori (Okinawan alcohol), is a part of unique Japanese culture. With its mission to facilitate cultural exchange in mind, Honolulu Festival will host the Sake & Food Fest in order to introduce the appeals of sake, as well as delicious food to be enjoyed with, to people from around the world.

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“E-girls” appointed as the Official Supporter of the Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN 2020!

Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN has announced that the Japanese collective girls Dance & Vocal group, “E-girls”, has been appointed as the Official Supporter of Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN 2020 which will take place on March 11 at Kapiolani Park.

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