Aloha DANCE CONVENTION 2016 totaling 254 dancers competing from Japan and Hawaii,
creating a fusion of pacific harmony on the center stage in the annual international


As the largest annual dance completion in Hawaii, Aloha DANCE CONVENTION2016 was
held at Hawaii Convention Center on March 12, 2016. This year a total of 18 teams took part
in this competition (10 teams from Japan and 8 teams from Hawaii) to showcase their skills
and creativity all within a limited time of 3 mins.


This year’s competition was another great combination of east meets west, as the Japan
teams showed off their elegant and nuanced performance while the local Hawaii team
came out strong with their dynamic and powerful movements.  
The dancers from Japan varied from former Universal Studios Japan performers, high
school students on their school trip, students from visual arts school, to teams using
traditional Japanese umbrellas and fans, wearing kimono style costumes to show off
their uniqueness.



The Hawaii teams had some high-caliber talents such as the winning team of the local
high school dance competition, Honozulu Beast Dance Competition, competitive dance
school students and hip-hop dancers to name a few.



“Aloha DANCE CONVENTION” was a new project that was added to the vast lineup of
the Honolulu Festival programs a year ago.

The project started up between JTB and Japan Dance Skill Advance Committee (JDSAC)
with a mindset of having a “friendly and fun cultural exchange event of the Pacific through
dance.” Today, Aloha DANCE CONVENTION is one of the main programs of the Honolulu
Festival and the largest dance competition in Hawaii featuring dance teams from around
the world.

With popular demand, we asked 3 guest dancers/judges, “UnBijou (un-be-jewel) to
come and perform/judge for the event again. UnBijou (MASAMI, MIWA and Sacco) were
the winner of 2 judges awards from Asia’s’ largest choreography contest, “LEGEND Tokyo”
and are the official choreographers of Japan Dance Convention.



There were two unique guest performances from Japan this year.  As the official sponsor
of the Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN 2016 and Aloha DANCE CONVENTION 2016, Japan
Airlines Co. proudly presented their official cheerleading cabin attendant unit, JAL JETS
to show off their cheer moves. Along with JAL JETS, the idol unit from Nagoya, Japan,
and Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN 2016 official cheer squad, “dela” performed a song to
entertain the crowd.



As each team showcased their unique and skillful performances and entertained the
crowd, it was time for the awards ceremony. For the Judges’ Award, 11 and 12 years
old duo, “PROTEA” from Japan, won the awards with their unique performance which
combined modern and traditional Japanese dance movement that wowed the audiences
and judges.


“Judges’ Award” winner, PROTEA

The 2nd Place award was awarded to “Academy of Hype” from Waipahu, Hawaii. The
group is mainly known as “Hype” as they were featured in America’s Got Talent Season 8,
2013. As reputation precedes them, they made the crowd go wild as their performance was
powerful yet detailed.

Unfortunately, they trailed only by a point to the winning team, landing them in second place.


“The 2nd Place Winner,” Academy of Hype

And the Aloha DANCE CONVENTION 2016 first place team award went out to “Canvas
from Hawaii. Known as “Canvas” by the locals, their physical and mental expression
to use the dance floor as their own canvas resonated to all the judges, crowning them the grand
prize winner for Aloha DANCE CONVENTION 2016.


“The 1st Place Winner,” Canvas Disciples.

Last but not least, this year’s Japan Dance Convention Award was awarded to “ZERO
CREW.” They will be automatically qualified to dance in the 4th annual Japan Dance
in June, which will be held in Japan!

“Japan Dance Convention Award” ZERO CREW

Aloha DANCE CONVENTION started in March of 2015 with “from the pacific, to the
world” as their slogan. This year’s event was a great success with more competing
teams creating “interaction,” “education” and “inspiration” through competitive dancing.

The official date for the next event have not been announced yet but we are sure that
the event will expand even more in age range, dance forms, countries and dancers to
bring a totally different type of “inspiration” and “interaction” to us all.

A hui hou!

Following the 3rd ~5th Places


The 3rd Place

Aristocrats (The Headquarters)


The 4th Place

PROTEA (Soul Cream)


The 5th Place

Sho-Dai-Sho (Studio AS)


The 1st Place Canvas Disciples (The Playground Dance Studio)
The 2nd Place Academy of Hype (Hypersquad For Life)
The 3rd Place Aristocrats (The Headquarters)
The 4th Place PROTEA (Soul Cream)
The 5th Place Sho-Dai-Sho (Studio AS)
Judges’ Award PROTEA (Soul Cream)
Japan Dance Convention Award ZERO CREW (DANCE STUDIO VOYAGE)