Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN: FAQ


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    Q:What type of race is the Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN?

    A:Ekiden is a relay race, with runners signing up in teams 5 to complete a race. Each will run 5K in a loop, handing over the sash(ribbon lei) to the next runner until all runners of the team have reached finish. We also have 5K Fun Run & Walk which you can run individually, and Family Challenge for 6-12 years old kids and Family running 1K.

    Q:How to register?

    A:You can register online. Registration site will open around August-September 2018. We will announce via social media or on website once it opened.

    Q:Can I register on race day?

    A:Race day registration is available only for FUN RUN WALK, and FAMILY CHALLENGE.

    Q:Are there any entry restrictions?

    A:For the EKIDEN, anyone over the age of 6 (on the day of the race) is eligible to participate. Participants for Family Challenge must be 6~12 years old(Under 18 years of age requires parental consent for all category). For Student and Military teams who apply for each  discount, all members should be students or military(veterans, active, reservist and spouses).

    Q:Can I cancel or change my entry?

    A:Upon cancellation no refunds are issued and name changes/transfers are permitted ONLY if the substitute runner was reported to the staff. If there is no substitute or a team member is unable to run another member of the team can run two laps instead.

    Q:How many runners are allowed per team? Can 1 runner do multiple laps?

    A:For the 5-man EKIDEN, a team will consist of 5 runners. If a team has less than 5 runners the other team members have to run multiple laps.
    For the 3-man EKIDEN, 3 different runners is mandatory.

    Q:Can I register as an individual without having a team?

    A:Yes, individual registration is available. We will assign individual entries to a 5-man EKIDEN team.
    Both, Fun Run & Walk and Family Challenge are individual registration only.

    Q:When will the teams for the individual entries be announced?

    A:Your team will be arranged at packet pick-up and the teams will be announced on the race day.

    Q:After I register will I get information regarding the event?

    A:Information and updates on the event will be sent to the team captain, or the individuals that signed up via email. We will announce final info about 10 days prior to the race.

    Q:By when does the team have to decide in which order the runners run?

    A:You don’t have to inform us the running order. Please discuss within the team!!

    Q:What will the runners receive?

    A:Runners receive a race t-shirt, finisher medal and refreshments. (No t-shirts for Family Challenge participants)


    Pre-Race Info


    Q:When and where can I pick up my race packet?

    A:Packet pick up will take place on Friday March 8 and Saturday March at Hawai’i Convention Center. Each team’s representative have to bring photo ID to pick up their race number.

    Q:Can somebody else pick up my race packet for me?

    A:Anyone from your team can pick up the race packets on behalf of the team. In case of student and military teams an ID check is required. Please make sure to bring a copy of the student ID of all team members (photos ok). 

    Q:Will I get a race t-shirt?

    A:Race t-shirts will be handed out during packet pick-up. There will be no t-shirts for Family Challenge participants. Shirt sizes are : Universal size XS,S,M,L,XL and sizes and quantities are limited.

    Q:Will there be a race briefing?

    A:A race briefing will be held on the day of the race, one hour prior to the start. 

    Race Day Info

    Q:What happens if it rains?

    A:The race will take place even if it rains. However, if the weather conditions jeopardize the safety of the runners then the event will be cancelled.

    Q:What time should I come to the start-line area?

    A:We recommend you to be at Kapiolani Park around 7am.

    Q: Is there a shuttle bus to the event area?

    A:There are no shuttle bus service available before or after the race.

    Q:Is parking available?

    A:Parking is available at Kapiolani Park and street parking.

    Q:Are there any running outfit restrictions?

    A:There are no restrictions. We advise to bring a cap and sunglasses.We award team who wears the best costume and showed the best teamwork so please weare your best running COSTUME!

    Q:Are there any changing rooms?

    A:There are no changing rooms.

    Q:Is there a place where I can leave my bags?

    A:There are no bag drop-offs.

    Q:Will my time be recorded?

    A:For EKIDEN runners, your time will be recorded using a timing chip. You will be able to check your results later with your bib number.
    There will be no timing for Fun Run & Walk and Family Challenge.

  • Q:Is there a cut-off time?
    A:The cut-off time is 4 hours.

    Q:How many aid stations are there and where are they located?

    A:There is one aid station at the turning point on Diamond Head Road. Water stations with Gatorade and Water are available at the turning point and finish line.

    Q: Are there bathrooms and showers?

    A:Toilettes are located near the start line. Showers are not available.

    Q:Can I run wearing a costume?

    A:We encourage it! If you run wearing a costume please make sure the bib number is clearly visible. Most fashionable team will receive a special award!

    Q:Can I check my individual time and overall team time?

    A:The overall team result time and each lap time will be released.

    Q:Can I run with my music player?

    A:Due to safety reasons, the use of earphones is not permitted.

    Q:Are there any refreshments after the race?

    A:Participants can enjoy refreshments after the race at Kapiolani Park.

    Q:When and where will I receive my finisher medal?

    A:Medals will be handed out at the finish line to ALL event participants.

    Q:Are there any awards?

    A:The top 3 teams will receive awards and there are some special category awards. Details will follow soon.

    Q:Will there be any entertainment?

    A:Detailed information is to be announced.

    Q: Will there be food available during the event?

    A:We are planning to have some food vendors on site.

    Q:Do I need insurance for this race?

    A:We do not require our participants to be insured, but cannot be held liable in the case of injuries.


Other Info


Q:Are there other events besides the EKIDEN?

Aloha Dance CONVENTION will take place the night before at Hawai’i Convention Center. Also on the same weekend, Hawaii’s largest cultural exchange event, Honolulu Festival will take place in Waikiki.

Q:Can I go and watch Aloha DANCE CONVENTION?

A:Yes! Aloha DANCE CONVENTION is open to public.

Q:How will the weather be like on Oahu in March?

A:March is the second half of the rainy season, but temperatures are expected to reach up to 90°F and as low as 70°F. (see details)

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