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The 3rd Annual Aloha DANCE CONVENTION was held at the Hawai’i Convention Center on Saturday March 11, 2017.

This event started with a dance workshop in the afternoon, aimed to encourage cultural exchange, followed by the main dance event in the evening.  Both beginners and experienced dancers greatly enjoyed it.


This year, the workshop was led by choreographers from both Japan and Hawaii. Over 50 people attended mostly consisting of local high school students. The first portion was led by “Soulm8,” from Japan, who taught a part of their choreography for the dance showcase at later evening competition. They were able to learn a high level dance move easily.

     Pic 2

The second choreographer, Kent, led his workshop with a more upbeat tempo. Beginners were able to learn even with faster beats, and younger dancers joined during this second portion. 

     Pic 3

After 45 minutes of each dance routine, the dancers split into smaller groups, and they were able to try dancing on their own. At the end of the workshop, the dancers took pictures with the choreographers.


This is a family friendly event where people of all ages can enjoy this dance competition. By hosting this event in Hawaii, dancers can also experience a different culture, while sharing their own cultures. The competition also allows dancers to have more freedom in performing different styles. 

3 competing teams and 2 guest groups represented Japan. They brought Hawaii, a fresh outlook on dance with their traditional Japanese style clothing.

From Hawaii, 8 competing teams and 2 guest groups participated. Large, synchronized teams are very typical of Hawaii, and the audience was glued to their seats, eyes locked on stage. Locals know how to excite the audience even with smaller groups of dancers as well. Their impactful performance was impressive.

The audience cheered and roared with excitement for their local teams on stage. The Convention Center was filled with over 1,000 passionate supporters.

Comments and Pictures of each competitor in order below:

【Honolulu Dance Company】

             Pic 4 Pic 5

This group performed a contemporary dance. Their dance routine requires flexibility and expressed emotion, using their hands and fingers in delicate movements.


【96706 Dance Squad: Ewa Beasts】

             Pic 6 Pic 7

Honozulu Beast, is a local Hawaii high school dance competition, and they are known as multiple winner of the competition. They showed off with powerful bold Polynesian style movements, like HAKA.


【Hyakka Ryoran】

             Pic 8 Pic 9

Dance team from Sakuragaoka Middle and High School, Japan.


【96706 Dance Squad: Baddies】

             Pic 10 Pic 11

Honozulu Beast, is a local Hawaii high school dance competition, and they are known as multiple winner of the competition. This group danced to an upbeat and lively routine to a remixed song, which excited the crowd.


【A-Town Dance Crew】

             Pic 12 Pic 13

4 time winner of the local middle school dance competition, from Aiea Middle School.
This group’s performance was over flowing with vivacious energy. Their routine used many intricate dance techniques in a single song.  


【Tokyo Visual Arts Dance Department】

             Pic 14 Pic 15

A beautifully crafted dance routine that tells a story. The music and rhythm took the audience on a journey. 


【Blank Canvas】

             Pic 16 Pic 17
1st Place Winner of ADC 2016
Just as their name states, this dance group used a blank white canvas as their dance prop. Their dance routine consisted of an overall good balance of choreography, formation, and visual appearance.



             Pic 18 Pic 19

The Kalani High School dance club turned their daily dance routine into a full choreography. An unexpected appearance of their teacher at the end was a surprise for the audience.


【Tokyo Visual Arts Voice and Actor Department】

             Pic 20 Pic 21

Tokyo Visual Arts Voice and Actor Department (Tokyo Visual Arts College Voice Acting Department)

This group brought a new perspective on the stage, using kimono and traditional Japanese dance styles to a high tempo music. The traditional style dance which involves bending the knees using core muscles to balance while dancing. It truly shows the beauty and elegance of Japanese traditional dance, yet modern style.


【Academy of Hype】

             Pic 22 Pic 23

A popular local dance school.

This group came in 2nd place in ADC 2016. The group is made up by dancers of all ages, but each and every dancer has incredible dance skills. They made an astonishing comeback this year with powerful movements and synchronicity.  


【The Future】

             Pic 24 PIc 25

4 adorable young dancers excited the crowd with upbeat music. The audience was mesmerized by their cute appearance and advanced dance skills for such a young age.


【Guest Dance 1:Un Bijou】

             Pic 26 Pic 27

Representing Japan Judges (Masami, Miwa, Yume)


【Guest Dance 2: Nicole Kealoha】

             Pic 28 Pic 29

Representing Hawaii Judge (Center / Left)


【Guest Dance 3: Soulm8】

             Pic 30 Pic 31

A dance performance by Soulm8, who led the workshop earlier in the afternoon, shows off their detailed hand movements.


【Guest Dance 4:Studio K Beats】

             Pic 32 Pic 33

Kent from Studio K Beats, who led last year’s dance workshop, made an appearance as the guest dancer.


【Winner of 2017 Aloha DANCE CONVENTION】
 Judge’s Award Junior/Teen (18 years and under)

The Future(The Playground Dance Studio)

     Pic 34

Adult/Senior (18 years and over, including all ages)

Tokyo Visual Arts Voice and Actor Department

     Pic 35

Aloha DANCE CONVENTION 2017 2nd Place

Academy of Hype (Hypersquad for Life)

     Pic 36

Aloha DANCE CONVENTION 2017 1st place

Blank Canvas

     Pic 37


【1st~5th Place Winners】

1st Place:Blank Canvas (Hawaii)

2nd Place:Academy of Hype (Hawaii)

3rd Place:The Future (Hawaii)

4th Place:96706 Dance Squad: Baddies (Hawaii)

5th Place:A-Town Dance Crew (Hawaii)


Congratulations go to the winners and all participants along with our heartfelt mahalo to our sponsors who made the event a huge success!

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