Honozulu Beast Competition


November 14 to Saturday, I went to Hawaii local dance competition. The competition was held at Kaimuki High School auditorium where is about 20 minutes from Waikiki. This was the 3rd annual competition and nine Oahu high school dance teams competed in the competition. High school students and graduates showed off their dance, such as jazz, hip-hop and freestyle. The auditorium was full and we were all fascinated by their performance. Each team was consisted 4 to 30 students and their choreography and performance were amazing, they put a professional to shame!

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This competition was presented by Honozulu Beast, which is a local dance unit by young artists and dancers. The opening show was performed by Honozulu Beast, they displayed the highest level of performance to the audience.

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The winning team wins the appearance on local TV stations along with a variety of statewide events. Students were really motivated by the rare opportunities to show off their dance on local TVs!


More than 700 people was gathering to the competition. The auditorium was filled with cheers from friends and family.


Aloha DANCE CONVENTION and the Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN was sponsors of the competition, supporting the talented local dancers.


Winning team of 2015 was 96706 Dance Squad from James Campbell High School in Ewa!
They won the competition three years in a row. Their professional performance brought a lot of excitement to the auditorium.

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In addition, Black and Gold Fever of McKinley High School won their first place of the graduates category.
Choreographer of Campbell High was also awarded as the Outstanding Choreography Award.