Honolulu Festival “SUKIMASWITCH” Special Mini Live


Honolulu Festival has announced that “SUKIMASWITCH”, a Japanese rock/jazz fusion duo, has been appointed as the “Special Ambassador” of the Honolulu Festival 2020. The Honolulu Festival(hosted by Honolulu Festival Foundation) is Hawaii’s premier cultural event aiming to cultivate diverse culture and friendship among Hawaii and all over the world. Next year will be held on March 6 Friday to 8 Sunday . The Honolulu Festival started in 1995 and each year, they attract thousands of new and returning spectators who are looking for an experience unique, or to learn multi-diversity of Hawaii.


Ōhashi’s musical duties include vocals, guitar, and harmonica, while Tokita plays piano/keyboards, numerous other instruments, and oversees overall production. Most of the other instrumentation heard on their albums is handled by guests and studio musicians. In this sense, their band structure and chemistry could be compared to that of the American group Steely Dan. Their style is very heavily jazz influenced (another similarity with Steely Dan), yet it retains core pop elements and catchy melodies that have proved popular with Japanese audiences.

Event Information

Date: March 7, 2020 (Sat)                                                                                          

Venue: Hawaii Convention Center 1F Special stage >>MAP

Admission: Free


March 7, 2020 (Sat)
Hawaii Convention Center