Honolulu Triathlon 2016


Blue sky and clear vast ocean. There are few places in the world that can beat the Oahu’s largest triathlon event.

●No Time Limit!

 People of all ages and skill levels are welcome to join the race and  compete against fellow triathletes from around the world.

   There’s also relay races, 10k run and Keiki run (50m/2k/1k) .

●The best location and hospitality

 How about a refreshing swim, bike ride along the shore, followed by a nice stroll through the park?

 Participants will not be overburdened with the harshness of an endurance race, but rather challenge themselves to try something new. The most important thing is that you try!

   Bring your family and friends to this truly unique Festival of Sports and participate in one of our many races. Give it a try; you will not regret it!

See you at the finish line!



Event Date: May 15th, 2016 (Sun)

Location: Honolulu, HI

Time: 4:00~ Transition open

     5:40~ Openning celemony start


Honolulu Triathlon 2016 official site



May 15th, 2016 (Sun)